What is CreatorMC VIP and what do i get with it?

CreatorMC VIP is a donation the server that grants some perks. Some of these perks are longer server service time(24 hours to 76 hours!), an improved server with better specs across the board, and the ability to use almost all mods! You also get a private channel in the discord to talk with others VIPS and the owners, a custom Discord tag, a chance to be shouted out on our socials(Werther this be YT, Twitch etc), and finally you get next day reservations!

How to join CreatorMC VIP

Creator MC uses a website called Patreon for all ranks/donations, to use Patreon you must sign up, and then join our VIP service using PayPal or some other form of payment.

VIP Reservation form!

Discord username so we can contact you tag ex: #5875
Your username on Patreon so we can prove you area VIP member!
So we can contact you last case scenario.
Not all mod packs are compatible but most are! you can have a combination of plugins and mods ex: luckyblock manhunt!
Any other plugins that are not listed you wish to play
Java(cracked) is just Minecraft just you don't need to pay for.
Selected Value: 0
How many players you will be using the server with!
Whatever your closer too for better ping!
With VIP you can have it open next day! Please leave time in EST!
Selected Value: 12
As a VIP you can have the sever for up to 72 hours for extra play time!
Any place that you would like to let us know of anything?

So I filled out a form what comes next?

How to play on modded Minecraft, once you will out the form we will set up your mod pack and upload it to curse forge and send you the download link. once you download the Modpack to your curse forge account you can play on the server, which the IP will be sent to you along with the Modpack!