Steps to play your own game!

1.) Make sure your platform is supported most platforms are!

2.) Find a date all you and your friends can play and that the server is open, Check this on our calendar below!

3.) Fill out a reservation on our form below, please pick only one game or have a plan with how the plugins would 
work all together.

4.) Wait to be reached out to you to confirm your reservation, Via Discord,

5.) Join your game with the ip sent to you and use the commands given to start, Then all you need to do is film or 
just have fun!

Date Availability

The calendar to the side is our calendar that is being updated constantly on the days that we are available to set up a game for you! A day may be half taken up because of when someone’s 24 hours ends you may set one up for that date but it must be at least 5 hours after! for example if someone’s sever closes at 11:00 am EST you may set up your sever request for 4:00 PM EST. thank you and please keep this in consideration while you will out our form below. thank you and enjoy gaming!

The following apps are used for Users on Xbox and PS4 and Switch

They are used to Cast the server so you can join it

As you can not join a server from basic Xbox and PS4 And Switch, bedrock Minecraft

Bedrock Together

(Apple app)

MC Server Connector

(Android app)